Motion Graphics Support 2017


At this stage you should have server space, and started designing your website.

The Brief

Remaining Class Schedule


This week was mainly a revision of everything so far.

this is the css file we used


The Box Model - layouts in css

Download the grid css here

The full details of grid here- if you want to read it

Download content to use in your mockup page

Integrating an image slider

Here's a quick video on integrating an image slider, download the images to use below.

Download images for the image slider here

Some good, more up to date image sliders, free to use


Download CSS Copy and paste from here

Download Viewport Tag


Your First HTML page

This is a quick recap of what we did in class, so pause & rewind it when you need to

Show Filename Extensions

important quick video for Mac users

Linking to a CSS file

important quick video

don't want to type?

Copy and paste from here

Using Different Fonts

The best way to use non default fonts on your wensite, is to link to an oline font library.

Images and a little more CSS

Text Links and Image Links