Photoshop Projects/ exercises:

Photoshop exercises notes and tutorials:
For the exercises below you need to download some images (at least 1500px wide - I'd recommend you use the google filter to choose an image above 4mp, this will allow you to work on an image large enough to print.

Exercise A)
Adjust the perspective on a building. First select part of the exterior using the polygon laso tool or the paths technique covered in class. Then Using the Transform tool (CTRL T) hold down the CTRL key when you drag a corner of the selection, This should allow you to straighten up any leaning verticals a little

Exercise B)
Remove the background (eg the sky) and replace with:
i) a subtly different background, ii) a radically different one

Exercise C)
Choose any image of a building and add some people to the image. Take care with scale and perspective, make the movement and placement of the people natural.

Photoshop - Other stuff we covered:

Creating Paths with the Pen tool, and converting to selections

Using the Clone Stamp Tool

Adjusting Brightness/ Contrast